Frequently Asked Questions

No, during the first two weeks of the Program you will spend time ideating and identifying problems that need a market solution.

You can either form a team around your Idea or join another team/idea during the first weeks of the Program.

We structure our investments in different ways, depending on the circumstances. Please contact us for more info.

Research shows that watching a video is not as an effective learning technique as a Live classroom session where, questions, discussions and challenges can happen. Videos also limit peer learning. All our sessions are Live. We use both Harkness and Socratic methods of teaching in our Programs. There are no lectures and for that reason there are no pre-recorded videos.

We will not run a Cohort with less than 5 or more that 25 or an Introductory Class with less than 3 or more than 30. Our Programs specialize in individualized attention and group discussions.

Based on research and student feedback an 8-week Program works best. They meet once a week for 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the modality.

Get in contact with us and we can hop on ZOOM™ to discuss.

Our demographic is 18-55, but there is no upper limit. During certain times of the year we will offer special Programs for high school students.

No – we are an academic equalizer. If you have the motivation and desire to ideate and launch a new business, that is all you need.

No, but you will get a Certificate of Completion and may be able to get credit from an educational institution, if you are enrolled in one, or apply towards CEU (Continuing Education Units).

If you are an Ivy Entrepreneurs Alumni we will credit you with one hour of after program mentoring for any enrolled referral. If you are enrolling as team members, we will discount the tuition cost by 10% per each member enrolled.

No, Ivy Entrepreneurs is not affiliated with the Ivy League.